Depositless Trading & Portfolio Management.

Dolomite provides a powerful decentralized exchange and a comprehensive portfolio manager that work right from your wallet.

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No Deposits

Trade right from your Ethereum wallet with on-chain settlement. Your assets are never at risk.

USD Gateway

Connect your bank account or debit card to purchase crypto and withdraw your crypto to USD.

Portfolio Manager

Enter your Ethereum address and view your balances, every transfer you've ever made and more.

Decentralized trading with no roadblocks

Dolomite achieves fast, secure, and liquid trading through use of the cutting edge Loopring Protocol.

Focus on trading

Dolomite figures out how much ETH needs to be wrapped and which tokens need to be approved when submitting a trade so you don't have to.

Margin Trade

Open short and long positions with up to 5x leverage through a seamless integration of the dYdX margin trading protocol, utilizing Dolomite’s order books and powerful order matching engine.

Never manually track your portfolio again

Getting started with Dolomite's portfolio management tool is easy, no setup required — just your address.

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Daniel Wang

Loopring Foundation CEO, former CEO of Coinport Exchange, former senior software engineer at Google.

Eric Grill

Entrepreneur and software developer, founder of CoinOutlet, an early American Bitcoin ATM company.

Tyrone Ross

Managing partner at NobleBridge Wealth, cryptocurrency assets & early stage startup advisor.

Hank Korth

Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University. Former director of Database Principles Research at Bell Laboratories.


Build on Dolomite

Exchange API

Bring the power and liquidity of the Dolomite exchange to your next project with the Dolomite Exchange API! Powered by the Loopring Protocol, easily submit trades for ERC20 tokens and get access to our orderbooks, trade history and more.

Get started, it's free.

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Slate API

Tap into the data that powers Dolomite's portfolio management tools. Transaction histories, balances, and portfolio value charts are just a few of the features the Slate API has to offer. Get access to thousands of coins and tokens and minute-to-minute price data.

Coming Soon
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This is a technical document with an overview of how Dolomite works, from submission to settlement — it's all here.

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